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 What exactly is carpet cleaning? Isn't vacuuming enough?

Carpet cleaning is the removal of dried soil, stains, and bacteria from your carpet's fibers. This differs from regular vacuuming because vacuuming targets the surface layer of your carpet, while carpet cleaning aims for the deeper carpet fibers where various bacteria attach themselves. For residential spaces we typically work with our portable steam cleaning machine and save the truck mounted machine for more commercial cleaning cases.

 What method of carpet cleaning does USA Clean Master use? Can I DIY?

We use the hot water extraction method. This method is preferable to typical DIY methods because the hot water extraction machine sprays hot water while sucking it out simultaneously, removing any soil and leaving no residue behind. DIY methods do not take into account the risks of detergent residue and remaining water on a carpet and offer no reasonable way to remove them should they occur.

 What kind of chemicals do you use for cleaning?

None. All of our cleaning products are green. You can be sure that our cleaning services are safe for your children and pets.

 How long does carpet take to dry?

Dry times depend on the size of the cleaned area and on the particular services performed. For the average bedroom you can expect between 2-4 hour drying time. Naturally, the bigger the space, the more time it takes to dry. Your technicians will be able to give you a more specific dry time.

 Is your work guaranteed?

Our service is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our service we will happily return to try again. Some stains might not be removable and the carpet must be dyed. We carry a selection of dyes on hand. We think it is wise to first estimate the damage with an on-site inspection. Of course, our on-site estimates are free of charge.

 Do you work with insurance?

You bet. It is rare that an insurance company will be called upon for standard carpet cleaning, however in cases of water and fire damage we are happy to provide our estimate to any insurance company.

 Do I need to move my furniture?

Our technicians are glad to move any light furniture, like sofas and end tables, however for liability purposes and in order to protect you from incurring financial responsibility we cannot be responsible for heavier furniture, like bookcases and grandfather clocks. In these kinds of situations our technicians will work around these pieces.

 I want to purchase my first expensive carpet. Is there anything I should know before making a choice?

You are right in choosing an expensive carpet, provided that the seller can guarantee you that the carpet will not shrink during cleaning, that the color is fast and will not run or fade and that the fibers are of the highest quality. Carpets manufactured from natural fibers are usually more durable than synthetics.

 What is the difference between bed bugs and dust mites?

This is one of our most common questions so we will spend a few lines detailing the answer. Bed bugs and dust mites are both human parasites that live in your most intimate spaces. While neither one of them is a danger to your health, per se, both of them can cause mild to severe allergic reactions and flu like symptoms. Since the beg bug is mainly a nocturnal parasite that lives off warm blood, they generally congregate in your pillows, mattress, box springs, sheets, etc. The dust mite eats organic food, you're your dead skin cells as their top priority. Since they require a constant source of food, you can find dust mites anywhere in the house, from your sofa blankets to your night slippers. Allergic reactions can result in a bed bug or dust mite infestation, however it is import to note that the dust mite related allergy is actually more directly related to the dust mite's left over fecal matter, while it is believed that allergic reactions from bed bugs are due to their saliva. Both the bedbug and the dust might cannot survive in high temperatures, therefore steam cleaning is an affective and a safe eradication method. For easily washable items, like pillow cases and sheets, most experts recommend a regular wash cycle under extreme heat. For items not machine washable, like mattress, box springs, carpets, etc., a USA Clean Master will begin the treatment process by vacuuming the area followed by a thorough steam cleaning, making sure to target the areas in between and in the corners. USA Clean Master is a green company and therefore we do not encourage the use of dangerous pesticides. If, however, you would like to add a chemical agent to the cleaning process, please do so after the steam cleaning phase has completed.

 I wish to lay down wall-to-wall carpets, but am afraid of high maintenance costs. Should this concern me?

Once you have decided to make the investment and install wall-to-wall carpeting, you should be prepared for professional cleaning services at least once a year. While prima facie this seems to be an expensive proposition, it is far cheaper than replacing sections of your carpet that have suffered excessive wear and tear because abrasive dust particles were left on the carpet for too long a period of time. So, the answer is emphatically NO! Protect your investment. It's worth it.

 With three children in the home how can I keep my wall-to-wall carpets stain free?

Some carpets are chemically treated against staining. When small children are involved, this is always a wise option. However, even with chemically treated carpets, you will require professional cleaning from time to time as nothing is absolutely foolproof.

 I am moving out of my home in a month's time. How can I leave it looking good without wasting too much energy?

Good question! The perfect answer is hire a company to do the job for you. Let's face it. No one has that little bit of extra energy after all the hassles of packing and garage sales etc.

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