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Importance of Carpet Care

USA Clean Master DC carpet cleaning services are the backbone of our nationwide brand. Our returning customers can certainly vouch for our reputation in both the quality of work and dedication to our first-class customer service.

Indoor carpeting has a direct effect on indoor air quality and health conditions for residents in the DC area. Due to the extreme weather conditions in the Northeast, appropriate carpet cleaning care is an essential step to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Our main goal is to help you achieve this.

Your Carpet Affects Your Health

In the past few years, Washington DC has experienced higher temperature levels than ever before. As a result, the humidity levels of the city have risen and have resulted in an increase of allergens and respiratory-related problems. These humidity levels have also taken a toll on our indoor air quality. These allergens arrive from the outdoors and settle deep inside carpet fibers.

Since they are buried in the furthest levels of your carpet, a simple vacuum cannot remove them and they sink even further. These invisible bacterial particles can pose a particular danger for children, the elderly, and anyone with sensitive respiratory systems, such as asthmatics. The optimal plan of action is to take advantage of our carpet cleaning services in DC.

Your Local Cleaning Team

High Pressure, Truck Mounted Vacuums

Our truck-mounted cleaning systems are specially designed not only to create the appearance of a clean carpet, but also to extract existing pathogens. We will do our best to make your carpet an unwanted home for germs and assure you that your carpet is sanitary enough for your loved ones to enjoy.

What Do We Offer for Carpet Cleaning in Washington?

  • Quick, efficient cleaning
  • Reasonable prices
  • High-quality cleaning methods that will keep your carpets intact
  • A warm, friendly and highly professional service

Cleaning Services With A Personal Touch

We believe ourselves to be more than just service providers. We believe in a customer-oriented approach as well and therefore your input and experience with us also serve as educational tools for every member of our team. When your cleaning is complete, please make sure to share with us any thoughts or opinions you might find important so that we can continue to improve our services.

Call our carpet cleaning specialists in Washington, DC at 202-558-2102 to take advantage of our services today!


Answers to Questions from Our Customers


 What Exact Area Does This USA Clean Master Local Branch Serve?

Our local branch in Arlington, VA serves customers in and around the city and the whole District of Columbia. Feel free to call us at 202-558-2102

 How Long Does It Take Carpet To Dry After Professional Carpet Cleaning??

The drying time depends on the size of the cleaned carpet and on the specific services performed. Drying time for an average bedroom is 2-4 hours. Naturally, the larger the carpet, the longer it will take to dry. Our specialists will be able to tell you a more accurate drying time on-site.

 Do You Provide Services for Both Residential and Commercial Customers?

Yes, we do! Our technicians are experienced carpet cleaners and they will be happy to cover all your residential / commercial carpet cleaning needs.

 Do You Provide Carpet Sanitizing Service?

Yes, our techs can apply sanitizer on your carpet. But if you want to prevent the virus infection, we recommend the whole house disinfection service.
Sanitizing and disinfection service packages for commercial customers you'll find on this page.


Couldn't find answer to your question? Call 202-558-2102!



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Have questions? Contact us at 202-558-2102

Jeanne S.
The technician cleaned my rug really well. He was very hard working. Now my rug looks like new as if I just brought from the store.
Response from the owner
Nothing makes us happier then hearing from a satisfied customer! Thank you for sharing your experience.
Grace G.
They cleaned my old rugs. I liked their service and will definitely be calling them back soon for my carpets.
Response from the owner
Thanks for the kind words and be sure to reach out if you need anything else.
David B.
I had 2 large coffee stains on my carpet so I ordered a professional cleaning service. Everything turned out great! The stains are almost invisible after the deep cleaning!
Response from the owner
Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a nice review. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we're really happy we delivered that to you.
Lisa R.
From the time I talked to the receptionist to the technician. Mr. Scott was very awesome and well assured of my issue with my carpet and the likelihood of factory renewal. I do appreciate the fast service and responsiveness.
Response from the owner
Thank you for taking the time to review our service. We value your feedback and are glad to hear what we're doing right. It was great working with you.
Alan H.
I ordered disinfection services from USA Clean Master as a precautionary measure against the novel virus. Fast and effective! Nobody got infected by the virus in my house. Nice work!
Response from the owner
Thank you for the recommendation, Alan. We appreciate it!
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