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Chimney Cleaning & Repair

Getting your chimney ready for Santa

There is nothing quite like a cheerful, warming fire in the fireplace. As it dies down, stoking the logs revives it, and the sparks rise out of sight up the chimney.

The Invisible Dangers of Chimneys

Without chimney cleaning, this idyllic scene would have the potential to cause a dangerous fire as the sparks encounter highly flammable creosote deposits on the chimney liner, or even nests that birds built in the chimney shaft. Cracks in the ceramic tiles of the chimney liner and missing mortar could allow lethal carbon monoxide to penetrate your home, causing immediate risk to your family's health. Without looking at the entire liner, there is no way to tell what is in your chimney or what condition your chimney liner is in.

USA Clean Master is happy to examine the interior of your chimney with our professional video inspection equipment. Our chimney sweeps will carefully check every inch of your chimney liner, to determine the quantity of creosote deposits and to look for missing mortar, cracked ceramic tiles, or corrosion on metal liners. Based upon the video findings, the chimney sweep will be able to tell you whether cleaning is recommended, and what chimney repairs might be necessary before you light a fire again.

Mess-free Chimney Cleaning

With the current chimney cleaning technology, our chimney sweeps can thoroughly sweep deposits and debris from your chimney without making a mess of your home in the process. Drop cloths protect your carpet and the area around the hearth, and a powerful vacuum system collects it all safely away. Your fire will draw better and you can enjoy your fireplace in comfort again.

Chimney Liners and Caps

The chimney liner is the structural part of your chimney that protects your home by channeling the heat and sparks up and out of the chimney and insulating your home from the high temperatures of the fire. For this reason, any cracked ceramic tiles or missing mortar is the Achilles heel of fire prevention, allowing an opening for smoke to enter your home as well as for heat to contact combustible material and start a house fire.

USA Clean Master's chimney liner installation service can make your chimney structurally safe again. We are also happy to install chimney caps to prevent the entry of birds and other debris from above your home that could block your flue and compromise your safety. There is always an element of risk when you use the fireplace in your home. Chimney inspection, cleaning and repair by USA Clean Master will make it as safe as possible for you to enjoy your fireplace responsibly. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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