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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The best way to revitalize wood floors

Refinishing Hardwood & Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor refinishing is an extremely common procedure, but it is best left to the professionals. Even with the most diligent of routine cleaning, hardwood floors will require refinishing after a few years.

With laminate wood floors, you will not require sand down or fill in floor refinishing process, as the boards themselves are man-made, not wood. For hardwood flooring and parquet surface a wood floor refinishing process requires a number of steps:

  • The first is to sand off what is left of the protective polyurethane coating on top of the wood (This is what typically is scratched in typical household wear and tear). For any serious scratches and dents that have hurt the actual wood itself, we will either sand down or fill in with a wood filler product. All of the dust (and there will be a lot!) must be meticulously vacuumed up and swept up before the next step.
  • We will then apply a new coat of polyurethane, which will make your wood floors literally glisten like new, and will protect the wood from harm. Also, a floor wax may be applied if you desire.

Hard Wood Flooring Treatment

Hardwood is an extremely popular choice in home flooring, and has been for many, many years, for its durability and long lifespan. Perhaps even more convincing to builders and homeowners is the beauty of hardwood floor. It is warm, inviting, soft underfoot, and beautiful.

Hard wood does require regular floor cleaning to keep up their luster. Daily traffic brings in dirt, pebbles, dust and other small particles. It can be helpful to keep mats at all entryways to your home, and to ask people to remove their shoes to limit this debris tracked in.


This debris is what causes the majority of scratches nicks, and other marks on the wood floor. A soft cloth sweeper used as frequently as the amount of traffic in the area requires will be helpful at removing the majority of this debris as well (Rougher brooms may be too harsh for the wood floor).

Mopping up spills as quickly as possible is important, because if left for a while, liquid could eventually soak into the floor and damage the hardwood itself, requiring replacement. A vinegar and water combination is an inexpensive, effective and safe cleaning solution for hardwood floors.

Cleaning & Refinishing Wood Floor

USA Clean Master can help with your floor cleaning, specializing in cleaning and restoring many different types of flooring, including hard wood, prefinished hardwood floors, laminate floors, and even tile cleaning.

If your floors are starting to show their age, and you wish to restore them to their former beauty, USA Clean Master can meet your needs. We have thoroughly trained our cleaning and restoration technicians, and they will arrive at your doorstep armed with knowledge and experience.

No matter what type of floors we are cleaning and restoring for you, our technologically-advanced equipment and our knowledgeable experts will surpass your expectations with more speed and with more skill than any other company.

We are positive you will be amazed at the beauty of your floors when our job is complete. We have also invested in top of the line equipment to minimize those few downsides to wood floor refinishing, including noise and dust.

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