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The USA Clean Master Carpet Cleaning Way

USA Clean Master employs the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. While a regular vacuum only sucks away the top layer of debris, the hot water extraction machine both cleans and sucks at the same time, detaching and grabbing bacteria and allergens located in the bottom layer of your carpet (where your vacuum cannot reach).

Regardless of your carpet type or your cleaning method, carpets require regular maintenance. Cleaning intervals vary and depend on your carpet's foot traffic, however most professionals agree that carpet should be steam cleaned at least twice a year. For allergy sufferers this estimate should be higher as allergens and dander are a main target of the steam cleaning method.

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Interesting Fact About Standard Home Carpets

Carpets are a normal comfort of our daily lives. We enjoy the warmth they provide in the winter and the feeling of home they provide for families. However, carpets have not always been the standard.

In fact, up until relatively recently, even the wealthiest of homes only had elevated wooden floors with an occasional rug as the sole display of opulence. The carpet making industry did not take off in America until the late 18th century, when it became possible for fabrics and threads to be mass produced. With time, wall to wall carpeting went from a basic cloth ground barrier to a way of expressing and individualizing a home.

Reinvest In Your Carpet With Professional Cleaning

While carpets are more affordable today than ever before, some financial investment must be made in maintaining their livelihood by means of cleaning. Even with the most proper care, carpets can still easily become threadbare, worn, and faded.

In addition, carpets naturally collect dust and dirt and while vacuum cleaning gets rid of a portion of that dirt, vacuuming alone is not enough to guarantee that your carpets are clean and dust-mite free.

Deep cleaning your carpets with professionals and their cleaning products ensures that your carpets will keep their original vibrant color and that any allergens, dust, and grime in the carpets is removed, making your carpets a safe place for your children and pets to play.

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